Fiber and/or Kitchen/Garden Craft Application

This application is to be used for all Fiber and/or Kitchen/Garden Craft.

Please Note:

  • We would like to highlight local fiber producers at the event including animal fiber, flax and hemp.

  • Craft is restricted to kitchen/garden craft only, ie pottery, cutting boards, and the like. Soap is allowed.


  • Cost of an 8’ exhibit table if you are a fiber producer: $50

  • Cost of an 8’ exhibit table if you are not a fiber producer: $100


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Primary Contact
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Industry Hour *
We are planning to hold an Industry Hour Breakfast prior to the start of the event for producers to mingle with each other, as well as resource representatives from related industries. Would you attend?
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There will be a number of opportunities to participate in demonstrations at the GFF. We will have a GFF Kitchen with demos, as well as 2 separate demo areas. Would you be interested in participating in a demo?
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